TENA Comfort Extra

80 Comforts
This product is sold by the case only. One case includes 4 packets, 20 Comforts per packet.

Designed for moderate to heavy protection, TENA Comfort Extra is designed to be used with washable TENA Fix pants. TENA Comfort Extra products are anatomically designed for comfort and security and the FeelDry topsheet ensures long-lasting dryness, combined with a cloth like backsheet for extra comfort. A wetness indicator on the outside makes it easy to assess whether changing is required and reduce the need for intrusive checking.
This product is ideally to be worn with TENA Fix. Click here to purchase.

Use this product for:

People with Moderate to heavy, frequent or persistent incontinence

Overnight protection

Those who are still able to go to the toilet at times and who have some mobility and can apply the product themselves

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