TENA Stretch Bariatric XXXL

32 Pants


This product is sold by the case only. One case includes 4 packets, 8 Stretch Bariatrics per packet.

With a Total Capacity of 3100ml and a waist circumference of 173-243cm TENA Stretch Bariatric XXXL is specifically designed for quality bariatric care with wider coverage around the stomach. TENA Stretch Bariatric XXXL has extra stretch sides with wide hooks for a secure first around a larger waist. The Breathable sides and cloth-like backsheet promotes skin health, comfort and discretion. Ideal for heavy to severe absorbency needs and specially designed for Bariatric care.

Use this product for:

Those with a BMI of 30 or more

People who are chair or bed ridden

For heavy, persistent or frequent bladder loss

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